365 Typo Volume 2 par Collectif

365 Typo Volume 2 par Collectif

Titre de livre: 365 Typo Volume 2

Auteur: Collectif

Broché: 320 pages

Date de sortie: January 10, 2017

Éditeur: Etapes Graphiques

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Collectif avec 365 Typo Volume 2

Representing a new level of self-awareness in the typographic community, this second volume of '365 Typo', published in collaboration with the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), presents a comprehensive survey of current happenings in type design, typography, and graphic design today. Conceived as a printed book that is fully integrated with digital publishing, it offers not only a service to the industry but also a resource for future research, with stories about important events, themes, and information, covered by 100 leading international contributors. Richly illustrated and with a detailed index, it offers a peerless take on the field today.