New York City Notebook (Moleskine) par Moleskine

New York City Notebook (Moleskine) par Moleskine

Titre de livre: New York City Notebook (Moleskine)

Auteur: Moleskine

ISBN: 8883708067

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Moleskine avec New York City Notebook (Moleskine)

The paperback. Pub Date: 01 May 2008 Pages: 228 Publisher: Moleskine of The first Guidebook you write yourself The onx Is up the Battery's down and The Moleskine City Notebook New York has SPACE for everything in BETWEEN The Key Map Summarizes overall city layout. showing the sequence and location of the 14 zone maps. Map of the subway system and list of stations. plus the alphabetical street index of the zone maps. Blank pages for jotting down notes and recording your thoughts. stories and memories. 32 removable sheets for loose notes and exchanging messages. 12 translucent sticky sheets for tracing your routes and sharing itineraries. A 96-page tabbed archive for collecting everything that matters most and keeping it at your fingertips. The first 6 tabs are printed; the others await your personalization with the enclosed adhesive labels. Each pocket sized Moleskine City No...